Playgrounds for Post-Capitalism
19.-20.9.2020 Oodi & Online

MoneyLab is an international network of artists, hackers, designers, economists and activists who explore forms of financial democratization. 
Co-produced by m-cult and Economic Space Agency ECSA, MoneyLab #9 Helsinki focuses on forms of economy and organization that reach beyond the extractivist models of capitalism.
MoneyLab #9 includes:
*Talks and debates on cooperative and cryptographic organizing, the turn from economic media to social media, decentralized finance and experiments in governance.
*Games for Strange Economies, a workshop to imagine, explore and play with economic-organizational forms (scroll down for info).
*Art projects mapping post-capital landscapes
*Money Primer – a campaign and glossary for economic citizens.
At Oodi’s Maijansali, the event follows guidelines for a corona safe space, with a limited amount of seats for live studio audience and workshop participants. The Oodi sessions are free of charge but require registration by Friday 18.9.
All talk sessions will be accessible via these pages live and as recordings.
Games for Strange Economies workshop

Join us to play and speculate with forms for economy and organization. The Games for Strange Economies workshop explores the possibilities beyond the current economic rules, and the game it forces us to play.

At the start, we will outline how economy is composed of a vast multitude of economies, large and small, placing it at a scale we’re empowered to change. Along its explorations, the workshop will offer you tools to approach economy as design, and speculate upon the (personal and social) effects of particular economic designs.

Questions that will guide our explorations:
– What kind of rules we would like to drive our economy?
– How should an economy look and feel like?
– What kind of values would it support and generate?
– What ways of life should it enable?

Within the workshop, the participants can organize themselves around various cases, by their interest, including cases they bring into the sessions.

The workshop is conducted by art designer Pekko Koskinen with artist-activists Vienne Chan, Ana Fradique and Ruby van der Wekken.