Crypto Cooperatives
Enabled by the new Finnish cooperative law’s flexibility towards new economic and governance forms, Robin Hood Cooperative is transforming into one of the world’s first coops on blockchain.
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Economic Media
From social media to economic media? Social media horizontalized our communication, but left the information & protocol layer called the economy untouched. Could we reimagine finance in order to create different socialities?
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What Comes After Decentralized Finance?
‘DeFi’ is a hot topic in the cryptospace but often reproduces conventional finance and capitalist organizations, as in the case of Bitcoin. Could DeFi be used also to create non-exploitative forms of production and risking-together?
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Experiments in Governance
What have we learned from platform co-operatives, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other recent experiments in governance? Could we think governance as a game or as a grammar? Or as a place of creation and play?
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